Terms of Service

Thank you for reading the Terms of Service of China Railway Customer Service Center ("we/us") for Website http://www.12306.cn, mobile clients (including iOS, Android and any other current or future mobile clients) and other functions and services provided by us (collectively referred to as "the Website" or "12306 Website"). The content and conditions described under these Terms apply to all the services on the Website available to the user ("you" or "user").

1. Confirmation of Terms of Service

Please carefully read and make sure that you have fully understood these Terms of Service before using any services provided by the Website. By voluntarily checking the "I have read and agree to abide by these Terms" box on the confirmation page of these Terms of Service, you signify that you have read and understood and fully agree to all the content of these Terms of Service, and that you will, at your own free will, abide by Interim Measures for Railway Internet Ticketing, Instructions for Identity Authentication of Railway Internet Ticketing, and relevant announcements while handling all related businesses of online ticketing.Unless otherwise expressly stated, any changes in the service scope or functions of the Website are subject to these Terms of Service. Please read the following information carefully. If you disagree with any of the information, please immediately stop accessing/using relevant services provided by the Website or any other related mobile APP or software. In case of any conflict between these Terms of Service and other agreements or terms, the latter shall prevail. Unless otherwise expressly stated, these Terms of Service govern any services provided by the 12306 Website.

2. Modifications of Terms of Service

We may update these Terms of Service from time to time and announce the updated version on the Website, which will come into effect immediately after the announcement. It is deemed that you agree to accept the revised Terms of Service if you continue to use our services. If you don't accept or agree with the revised content, please stop using the services of the Website immediately.

3. User Registration

In consideration of the importance of user services of the Website, users must register on the Website with their real names. Namely, the user agrees to provide true, complete and accurate personal information (including name, gender, country/region, ID document type, ID document number, date of birth as well as the unique mobile phone number corresponding to the user's identity information unimpeded for communication, and e-mail address) for registration. Please update these information timely in case of any changes.If the registration information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or illegal, you shall be responsible for any consequences or liabilities arising therefrom, and we reserve the right to terminate your use of the services provided by the Website.

The Website has the right to verify the information provided by users. The verification result applies to all relevant businesses such as registration and ticketing on the Website, and users agree to receive pushed service information via short (multimedia) messages or WeChat. If the provided information is inaccurate or fails to pass the verification of the Website or the station, or the Website has reasonable ground to believe that the information is fake, incomplete or inaccurate, the Website has the right to suspend or terminate the user's identity and information registration and refuse to provide the user it services.

The Website does not support the registration of third-party ticketing agencies. Once such registration is found, the Website has the right to stop the ticketing service of the agency.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy of the Website for details about the collecting and processing rules of personal information from user registration.

4. User Information and Confidentiality

When registering, please provide the username and the password, and submit relevant information according to prompts given on the page. You are obligated to properly keep your account and password of the Website and use them correctly and safely. If the account or password is lost or compromised due to your failure to fulfill the obligation, you shall bear the direct and indirect losses incurred. If your account or password is exposed due to your fault or your computer infected with a virus or Trojan horse, you shall bear the losses resulting therefrom. You are responsible for any activities that take place via your account, whether you run it or not. Please do not provide your username, password, or personal information for registration to any third-party website or any other people; otherwise, you are responsible for the risks and consequences. Due to the particularity of online services, the Website is not obligated to verify whether it is you who have used the username and password. We just check whether the username and password are consistent with those stored in the database. Anyone may log in to the Website and use all the services as long as he/she enters the username and password the same as those stored in the database. Therefore, even if you believe that a login via your account is not conducted by yourself, we will not bear any responsibility.

The Website is the owner of all its user accounts. After a user completed account registration, the user acquires merely the right to use the account according to these Terms of Service and relevant rules. Moreover, such right of use only belongs to the original registrant. Without the consent of the Website, the user is not allowed to sell, donate, exchange, inherit, or carry out any other form of transactions to such right of use. If user find other people illegally or abnormally use your account or password, please immediately contact us in the way posted on the Website.

5. Protection of User Privacy

12306 Website attaches great importance to the security of users' personal information (i.e. the information that can identify a user independently or in combination with other information). By using the services provided by 12306, you allow 12306 Website to collect, store, use, disclose and protect your data according to the Privacy Policy published on the 12306 platform. To protect your privacy, we will collect, store, use, disclose and protect your personal information according to the Privacy Policy published on the 12306 Website. 12306 Website wishes to clarify to you how it handles your data through the Privacy Policy. Therefore, the 12306 Website suggests that you read the Privacy Policy (click here) sufficiently so that you can better understand the protection rules for your personal information.

6. User Conduct Norms

(1) The transmission of data and information from the Chinese mainland to overseas must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;

(2) Never use the Website for money laundering, theft of trade secrets, theft of personal information and other illegal or criminal activities;

(3) Never visit or log in to the Website in ways other than those accepted by the Website, such as via robot software, spider software, crawler software, and screen flooding software; never cause an unreasonable or disproportionately heavy load on the Website in any way;

(4) Never interfere with the operation of the Website or intrude into the Website or the national computer information system;

(5) Never attack the accounts or terminal devices of other users of the Website by sending viruses or other means;

(6) Never pretend to be the staff of the Website to deceive other users;

(7) Never use the account registered on the Website to conduct profit-making business activities or help other people obtain illegitimate benefits;

(8) Never publish any content that infringes other people's privacy, personal information, and intellectual property such as copyright and trademark right or other legal rights;

(9) Never attempt to obtain other users' personal information in any illegal way, never use other users' data for any profit or non-profit purpose, and never disclose other users' or right owners' personal information. Otherwise, we have the right to take measures to stop your behavior mentioned-above. If the circumstances are severe, we will refer the case to the public security authority;

(10) Never instigate other people to conduct activities prohibited in "6. User Conduct Norms" under these Terms of Service.

When posting any content on the Website, you agree and promise not to publish any content that contains remarks:

(1) Opposing basic principles set out in the Constitution, or inciting, resisting or undermining the implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations;

(2) Endangering state security, disclosing state secrets, inciting subversion of the state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting secession from the state and undermining national unity;

(3) Harming the credibility of state authorities, national honors and interests, public interests and national security;

(4) Distorting, vilifying, desecrating or denying heroic martyrs and their deeds and spirits;

(5) Advocating terrorism and extremism, inciting ethnic hatred and discrimination, or harming the ethnic unity;

(6) Involving racial, gender, religious, or regional discrimination;

(7) Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors or disrupting social order;

(8) Undermining national religious policies, advocating feudalistic superstitions, evil cults, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder and terror, or instigating crimes;

(9) Containing harassing, slandering, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or uncivilized content, insulting other people openly or fabricating facts to slander other people, harming other people's reputation, privacy, intellectual property or other legitimate rights and interests, or making other malicious attacks;

(10) Damaging the internet ecology with contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations, or harming the social morality;

(11) Containing abusive language, pornographic vulgarity, advertising information, or other prohibited information listed in laws, regulations and these Terms of Service.

7. Users' Liabilities for Breach of Contract

The Website has the right to determine whether a user's behavior constitutes a breach of contract. If a user violates relevant laws and regulations or these Terms of Service when using the Website, the user will be deemed in default.

The Website may judge whether the user is in default according to his/her system records on the Website. A user is obligated to provide sufficient evidence and reasonable explanation for the system record that he/she considers abnormal; otherwise, the user will be deemed in default.

If a user causes losses to us or any other third party due to violation of relevant laws, regulations, or these Terms of Service, the user agrees to bear all legal responsibilities (including but not limited to civil, administrative and criminal responsibilities) resulting therefrom.

8. Exemption of and Limits on Responsibility

(1) The Website does not take any responsibilities in any of following cases including but not limited to:

① The Website fails to provide prompt, accurate, and complete services due to force majeure, system failure, communication failure, network congestion, power supply failure, malicious attack, etc.

② A registered user is suspended for using the services in case of the circumstances described in the second paragraph of “3. User Registration” herein, and as a result, the purchased ticket cannot be endorsed or refunded.

(2) Since the information retrieval (including information that users want on train tickets, products, and services) of the Website is not carried out manually, it is difficult to ensure the absolute accuracy of such information, and such defects as update delay and inaccurate information aggregation/retrieval of products or services may also occur. Therefore, the Website is not responsible for the above scenario.

(3) If a user impairs the rights and interests of the Website or any third party by exploiting vulnerabilities caused by system errors, failures, or other reasons, the Website will terminate the user’s qualification and reserve the right to make it legally accountable.

(4) If any behavior that threatens the information security of users is identified by the Website, the Website has the right to take measures to protect the user information. The users may be required to be re-authenticated to continue to use our service when necessary.

(5) As an e-commerce platform operator, the Website, upon fulfilling the legal obligations of managing and supervising the train ticket information available on the Website and the goods or services provided by third parties on the Website, will not take any responsibility for the disputes over railway transport contracts or products and services arising between users and (1) railway transport carriers, (2) third-party merchants who run business at the Website, (3) other entities.

9. No Warranty

The Website provides no warranty for circumstances including but not limited to the following:

(1) Services always meeting the user's requirements.

(2) Services never interrupted.

(3) Safety, timeliness, completeness and accuracy of services.

(4) Services provided by third parties involved in the website services.

(5) Oral or written notice or information received from the Website.

(6) Certainty that the identity information the user provides can be registered.

(7) Other people using the same identity information as the user’s for registration.

10. Website Links

The Website contains links to third-party websites. Such links are provided for convenience only. The Website does not provide any control or resume any responsibility for the content or availability of the linked third-party websites. If the user decides to visit any third-party website linked to the Website, the user is liable for the corresponding risks and responsibilities.

11. Guarantee

The user agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of the Website and is liable for any loss or damage to the Website or any third party resulting from the use of the user’s information by the user or other people.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright of all content and resources of the Website belongs to the Website (unless the copyright owner is indicated on the Website). All the page information is protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, other relevant laws and regulations, as well as all international treaties on intellectual property to which China has joined. Without the prior written consent of the Website, no organization or individual is allowed to reproduce, modify, transmit, store, release, communicate or distribute relevant resources on the Website, in whole or in part, in any way or any words, or use relevant information on the Website to create resources for other commercial purposes. Otherwise, the Website will make it legally accountable.

13. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

The validity, interpretation, modification, execution, and dispute settlement concerning these Terms of Service are subject to the Laws of the People's Republic of China. For disputes arising from the use of the Website, the user is deemed to accept the jurisdiction of the court of the place where China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited is located. The Website reserves the final right for interpretation and modification of the Terms of Service.